Dental Restoration Options from a Family Dentist

Dental Restoration Options from a Family Dentist from Lush Dental Co. in Highland, UTYour family dentist can help you regain your dental health. Dental damage or tooth loss can make eating and speaking difficult. Finding the right dental restoration is possible. Here are the details about the restoration options that you can get from your family dentist.

Dental fillings

Bacteria eat away the enamel layer of teeth, which results in cavities. The family dentist can repair them with dental fillings. Removing the decayed areas will come first. Cleaning, disinfecting, and drying them will follow. Filling the cavities will stop the progress of dental decay. This will lower the individual’s risk of more dental damage.

Dental bridges

Replacing a missing tooth is possible with a dental bridge. The family dentist will use an artificial crown as a replacement for the lost tooth. The two healthy natural abutment teeth on both sides of the crown will hold it in place. Dental bridges can even replace many consecutive missing teeth as well.


These dental replacements are removable. Partial dentures can restore many missing teeth in different areas of the dental arch. Full dentures can replace a whole dental arch. The jawbone supports full dentures. Partial dentures rely on neighboring healthy teeth for support. Metal clasps need to attach to the neighboring teeth for stability.

The family dentist can also suggest implant-supported dentures. These dental restorations can replace even a full dental arch. Instead of relying on natural teeth or the jawbone for support, titanium rods will provide the necessary stability. Traditional dentures tend to wiggle because of jawbone loss. Implant-supported dentures prevent the jawbone from shrinking.

Dental crowns

Dental damage can cause a tooth to weaken and discolor. For this, a family dentist can bring back the healthy look of the tooth by covering it with a dental crown. The dentist can also place a dental crown over a root canal-treated tooth. This restoration can hold the tooth together and protect it from future damage. Dental crowns can also support teeth with large fillings.

Dental implants

The family dentist can provide dental implants. These restorations can replace an entire tooth’s structure. The titanium rods act as dental roots that stimulate the jawbone. They prevent jawbone loss by signaling the body to send nutrients for tissue repair. The artificial crown takes the place of the lost natural crown. Dental implants are the most stable dental replacements that anyone can get.

Benefits of dental restorations

Having the right dental restorations can bring back dental health and function. It can also allow the individual to have a better-looking smile. A family dentist can restore the teeth of any member of the family. Here are the benefits of dental restoration options from this dental care professional:

  • Improves one’s smile
  • Ends dental pain
  • Lowers the risk of future dental problems
  • Makes chewing better
  • Brings back dental health

Recovery time

The time it takes for someone to recover from a restorative dentistry treatment depends on many factors. These include the number of teeth that need treatment and the type of procedure the patient needs. A person who gets dental fillings can resume normal activities right away. A more invasive procedure will need a longer recovery time. The family dentist will tell the patient about the recovery timeline for the procedure.

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A family dentist can help improve your dental health with the right restorations

Dental damage can cause pain and discoloration. In some cases, tooth loss occurs. Your family dentist can help improve your oral health by providing the right dental restorations. Discussing your options can help you make informed decisions for your procedure.

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